AMI holds the sole license for Analytic Morphomics, an automated image analysis system that anatomically indexes organs, hard and soft tissues to extract granular and precise measurements from medical imaging files.  AMI delivers a quantitative, reproducible, and efficient guidance method for surgical planning, disease management, treatment discovery, and device development.

Our patented technology leverages proprietary algorithms powered by millions of data points from our robust medical imaging warehouse. Capturing a wide perspective of the human condition, our data sets include both normal and disease populations.


Morphomics has the power to stratify patients and predict how they will do before, during, and after operative procedures. This enables patients and physicians to collaboratively plan and prepare for optimal surgical outcomes.


Treating each patient, not only their disease, becomes possible when care providers possess granular and quantitative morphomic data regarding that patient’s body composition and condition.


Body composition determines drug distribution and clearance. Morphomic analysis enables precise drug dosing to achieve the optimal clinical outcome for each individual patient.


People are highly variable. Morphomic analysis defines clear targets that enable all population segments to benefit from new devices and products.